Hi Bob,

Just thought we let you know that our camper you made for us back in 2007 is still going strong and we love the unit more each trip.
We have been in the Kimberley region of WA for 8 weeks (14000kms) over very dusty and at times very rocky and corrugated roads and the camper excelled itself. We often marveled over the fact that not a hint of dust entered the inside of the camper.
The goal of the trip was to reach the Mitchell falls in the Mitchell River NP and we did get there despite the roads - but what a highlight.
We had a couple of punctures on the rock roads and a cracked number plate but the camper came through with flying colours and only a couple of stone chips.

Take a bow, Bob!
Hope you are traveling well.

Best regards,
Keith and Rob Bauer 


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