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Traditional methods of constructing caravans, motor homes, or fifth wheelers were in timber or more recently aluminium frames, with the majority of manufactures still choosing this method, primarily because of the lack of knowledge as to what other products are available combined with the cost of changing their production process.

One of the latest methods to construct these recreational vehicles is with fibre glass sandwich panel. Where a single sheet consisting of two sheets of fibre glass either side of a foam core, a bit like a cheese sandwich, hence the name foam sandwich construction. This method of construction will undoubtedly be the way of the future of constructing caravans, fifth wheelers or motor homes due to the ease of assembly, huge time saving factures, excellent insulating properties, high cosmetic values and the immense strength. You can already see the advantages this product offers.

The general idea of foam sandwich panel is to separate the outer skins whilst remaining attached by way of the core, the further apart the skins are the stiffer the panel becomes. Outer skins consist of generally of fibreglass laminates; if the skin is thicker generally it is stronger. There are hundreds of individual combinations which can be tailored to each situation for example a 10 metre fifth wheeler needs to be much stronger than a 3 metre caravan.

There are no frames to erect; cladding is not attached, simply cut the panel to size and shape and with the aid of some modern adhesives a rather shapely box can be constructed in rather a short period of time.  Windows and doors are just as simple, some accurate marking out cut the appropriate size and shape once again with the use of those modern adhesives, hey presto ready for the cabinet makers.

Construction of foam sandwich panel can vary in the way of thickness, from 6 millimetres to 150 millimetres. Core material can also change the use of polyurethane foam, a two-part mix produced in a large mould. P.V.C. foam, an extruded product generally imported. End grain balsa, slightly more suitable for flooring. Construction of a panel has many factors some of these factors may include the size of the panel, is it a wall or floor, insulating values, combustibility the colour of the outer skin could even effect the type of construction of a panel.

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"Our Camper you made for us back in 2007 is still going strong and we love the unit more each trip."

Keith & Rob Bauer, QLD